Easing the transition
from womb to world

Twinkels of stardust

About Baby Bells

Baby Bells, a soothing chime, worn by pregnant Mom’s during the second and third trimester, evolved from the ancient practice of Mexican Bola’s.

Mexican Bola’s; a rich piece of Mayan history, have been worn by generations of expectant Mommy’s and used after birth to soothe babies who are often overwhelmed, while trying to adjust to life outside of the womb.

When a new-born baby enters the world, it is often a traumatic experience. They are no longer, secluded within their safe haven, of the womb. While trying to process everything around them; in our big scary world, a familiar sound often helps to soothe a new baby. The chime is usually worn on a long chain, resting on Mom’s pregnant belly, as close to her baby as possible. The slightest movements trigger the soft chiming sounds, these sounds are heard by the baby and associated with their time in utero.

As a treasured keepsake, the beautiful story of Angel Callers inspired the Baby Bells Team to embrace the legendary tales and the unique meaning behind our chimes. There are many legends surrounding the history of the Angel Caller. Your Guardian Angel gifts each person with a unique chime. To call upon your Angel’s protection you need only ring your chime and your Guardian Angel will be with you. Legend has it, that Angel Callers have been used since the Medieval Times, as a token of protection and faith. The only stipulation by your Guardian Angel is that your chime may never be tossed away, and if re-gifted, that it be done with selfless love, as the magic will disappear if this stipulation is not met.

Once the baby has been born, Mom’s normally chooses to wear their Baby Bells on a shorter chain, so the soothing familiar sound is close to baby, while bonding, feeding and cuddling.


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The Garden of Life

As these Baby Bells chime, the seeds of love grow stronger, enchanting the butterflies flutter, in their dance as old as time.

Legends of Love

Sent from above , sweet bundles of love.